Funk Backing Track in C

track is made on cubase

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5 Responses to Funk Backing Track in C

  1. nersonangelo says:

    Haha very nice.. I also use Cubase but the iPad version Cubasis (fewer features) cause my PC died some time ago (RIP).. =)

    • chronicdream says:

      Thanks for the reply! Too bad about your computer. Cubase actually crashed on this track and I had 3 horn solos on it which got erased.

      • nersonangelo says:

        Yeah, Digital workstations really require lots of processing power.. I am working really hard now, I’m aiming to complete my first album at it is really hard working on the iPad, with all crashes and errors every time I reach about 20+ tracks.. Last night I got pretty pissed of my tracks got jumbled including the effects. I mean my bass midi tracks became piano tracks! I have to fixed it all up.. Well maybe we just have to deal with it, while we still have no supporters for tools that have enough power.. 🙂

      • chronicdream says:

        ha lol i had that happen to me. i figured out that if i have a project open and turn on the piano (connected with a midi cable) that it resets the tracks to piano. Also it might crash because you use free vst instruments which has also happened to me.

      • nersonangelo says:

        Haha thanx I’ll keep that in mind…

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